Random Resources


I'll start out by explaining that I'm mainly doing this for myself. I involve myself in countless assorted random projects, and come across various resources all the time. I usually just save the web addresses until I'm done with that project, after a few days, and then can never remember what I used, when someone asks in the future (or when I need it again, in the future). As such, I'm sure it will be helpful to me, and can probably be useful to other people, to create a central repository of all the random resources I come across in my "travels." I'll try to group them logically, but I make no guarantees. If I get really ambitious (probably won't), I'll PDF some of these things too, in case they get taken down from the web. Please feel free to submit your recommendations to me, and I'll probably get around to adding them, eventually. Thanks, and enjoy.


Web Server Stuff

Log Analysis


Image/Photo Applications

Gallery/Web-Index Applications


Web Coding (HTML/CSS)

Peer-To-Peer (P2P)

Web Browsers

Media Players / Filters / Codecs / etc.

Windows Protection/Scanning

*NIX-Based Router Distributions