Having completed my B.S. in Computer Science (at the University of Minnesota – Institute of Technology), I have written a lot of code (to put it mildly) and completed several projects over the past few years. While I probably won’t include my handfull of programs that can print Hello World from a variety of different languages, other things like my multithreaded, logging, chrooted web server may be of interest or use to others in the future. I intend for this to be a repository of sorts (not to be confused with an actual CVS repository) for projects I have, and am currently working on. I welcome contributions, suggestions, or anything else [at least somewhat constructive] you have to offer, but you’re free to just browse and use (with credit cited where due) as you please.

Note: I apologize for some syntax highlighting color conflicts with the black background and a few width-overflows with the default [black background] theme. While I plan on customizing that a bit in the future, I felt it was more important to just get everything up first. If you didn’t notice, there are links to download the files at the bottom of the pages, which you can then view in an editor of your choice. Also, you may have better luck using the WordPress Classic Theme, selectable on the bottom of the right panel. Thanks for bearing with me until I get a chance to fix this.